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What's Inside?


What to Expect

Your First Month + Beyond

What to expect and how to get started when you are brand new or restarting your business. 

Basic + Intermediate Social Media Training

Get the foundational tips and training on how to properly leverage social media via attraction marketing. 

Daily Action Plan + I.T.T. System

Get specific action steps for running your business. Learn the system used by industry pro's to gain momentum daily. 

One Team, One Training. Leading with heart.

Growing with passion.

Overview Slides 02/20/2023

"The abundance of information was amazing. Laying it out in a step by step format and making it easily digestible. I feel more comfortable talking in person to people but it helped me say some of the right things to start the conversation. Thank you."

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"I love that it is in snippets and organized in a way that is easy to use as reference as I have already gone back and watched a few a second time. I wish my day job training was organized this way!"

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"In this business we often say: It's not what works that matters, it's what can be duplicated. One Team training makes it easy to develop and duplicate anyone into a leader who produces real measurable results."

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"Without starting to get emotional, there was a point, okay up until now, I didn't think our business was actually going to grow. We were sold on the idea that we would be Pro 5's within 6 months of joining if we just followed every step.... We got into this to just make 2K a month, but I don't think it was ever going to happen if you didn't show up and build OneTeam!"

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